Privacy Notice

We promise accuracy to Yuva’s our customers:

Yuva always ensures that the content on our website including products, prices, and features are accurate and up to date. We have employed data mangers to ensure that there is timely updating of all the data on our website. Regarding the color of our products, the actual color of the product may vary as per the color composition of your device, but at the same time it is not bound to be too far from the source material. Yuva holds the right to update any data on our website without any prior notice to our users. This includes data such as descriptions, attributes, prices, offers, etc. We also hold the right to take a product off the website at any point of time without any prior notice.

In case the data displayed on our website is incorrect or not up to date know that our data managers are already on their way to take care of the situation.

Regarding our orders

If you place an order on the Yuva website the order will only be shipped to an address that is compliant with our restrictions. By placing an order from the Yuva website you automatically agree to the shipping policies that are applied to it, including any shipping charges. In case of lost or damaged products you are required to contact the Yuva customer service.

Data collection and usage

Yuva collects the personal data of our users in order to deliver the promised services and you will be asked for this data at the time of order placement. The data we collect from our users is not shared with any third party by Yuva. However, the data is shared when Yuva is required to fulfil a transaction with the third party in order to provide its services to you. For example if you are using a credit or a debit card to make your purchases we will contact an authorized payment gateway to ensure that your card is functional. Yuva holds the right carry out an identity check. We may also share your data with agencies that help us calculate your credit record, etc. and in case law enforcement agencies ask us to provide it. By using our services you are agreeing to these terms of collection and sharing.

Protection of data

Yuva uses state of the art technology to protect your data from any form of theft or manipulation. We hold our clients in the highest of regards and thus use the best of our resources to protect their private information. That said, in the age of the internet a promise of 100% security is false and we do not promise that. However, you can trust us about the safety of the data.

We use the data collected for the following services

  • For account creation in the Yuva portal.
  • For processing orders.
  • For sending delivery notifications via text messages.
  • For sending promotional offers via email and text messages.
  • To contact the user in case of any problem related to delivery, or other notifications.
  • To validate your personal information.